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Assessing 21st Century Skills

More than 50 years ago, one of Europe’s premiers described the future as being the ‘Empires of the Mind’; today our future is about the intellect and imagination we employ. Across Europe more than 20% of the true unemployed are under 24, while in some countries this share exceeds 50%. With a few exceptions the number is growing across Europe.

  • How do we give ‘people’ the ‘skills’ to prepare them for the industry?
  • How do we connect the needs of the industry with the next generation of workers?
  • How do we successfully build programmes that directly address tomorrow’s requirements?

Gaining the edge through assessment will help support the development of Europe as a global source of knowledge and skills. The 2013 E-ATP conference, Growing talent in Europe – Gaining Advantage through Assessment, has been designed to show how assessment supports this critical objective for Europe through the measurable impact of effective assessment in educating, skilling and employing those who choose to live and work in Europe.

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How do we give 'people' the 'skills' to prepare them for the industry?

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